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Singapore Shipping Enterprises Pte. Ltd. is one of the few authorised distributors of spare parts for all engines and machinery produced by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., the world’s largest builder of marine diesel engines with approximately 35% global market share.

This award has come to highlight Hyundai’s trust for our strong customer relationships that have been built through the years, based on our continuous efforts to exceed our customer needs and expectations. Driven by these values, we will strive to support our valuable customers with high quality and most economical supply of spares for their Hyundai engines and machineries onboard their vessels.
Singapore Shipping Enterprises Pte. Ltd. and its network, SSE Overseas S.A. strive to satisfy its customers by supplying promptly and reliably  original Hyundai spare parts, at competitive prices. SSE prides itself in being among the very few approved worldwide spare parts dealers for Hyundai Heavy Industries – Engine & Machinery Division. In our attempt to provide our utmost support to our customers we can also assist by arranging repair service teams to handle the 2-stroke service jobs.


HHI EMD Certificate (2016)
SSE Standard Terms of Purchase

SSE supplies spare parts for all machinery produced by Hyundai Heavy Industries – Engine & Machinery Division such as:

Marine Engine & Machinery

  • 2-stroke diesel engines
  • 2-stroke Dual Fuel (DF) engines
  • 4-stroke HiMSEN diesel engines
  • 4-stroke HiMSEN gas engines
  • 4-stroke HiMSEN Dual Fuel (DF) engines
  • Engine components (crankshafts etc.)

Marine Equipment

  • Cargo oil pumping systems
  • Hi-Well cargo pumping systems (deep well pumps)
  • LNG marine pumps
  • Side thrusters
  • Gas compressor
  • Steam turbines, gas turbines
  • Turbo chargers
  • Engine power plants
  • Barge-mounted engine power plants
  • Dual Fuel (DF) engine power plants
  • Packaged Power Station (PPS)
  • Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG) for nuclear power plants

Marine Propulsion

  • Propellers, shafts, rudders, stocks
  • HiMSEN propulsion system
  • Marine gearbox for CP and FP propellers
  • Azimuth thruster

Industrial Machinery

Pumps for industrial use:

  • Thermal and nuclear power plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Food control
  • Irrigation & water supply projects
  • Dry docks
Machines for industrial use:
  • Air compressor
  • Gas compressor
  • Steam turbine

Robot System

  • Robot applications
  • Spot/arc welding, handling (LCD, etc), sealing, pelletizing
  • Assembly, deburring, painting, medical
  • System application
  • Press, conveyor system, steel strip processes and positioner


Mr. Alexandros Tsianos
Managing Director
Tel: +65 6336 4300

Mr. Sozon Alifragis
Corporate & Commercial Director
Tel: +30 212 9555335

Sales & Operations

Ms. Krystalia Psarra
Marketing & Operations Director
Tel: +30 212 9555333

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